• Combiformer

     "The best solution                                          
                 for thermoforming!"

  • Edgebanding machines
    Edgebanding machines

    „Contour and large panel edge banding
    becomes easy job with ADAMIK
    Portable edge banders.“

  • Dust Collectors
    Dust Collectors

    „Exhausters FT6xx serie 
    with certificate EX for explosive dust.“

  • Ventilators

    „Complete range of ventilators
    from 1.000 až po 11.000 m3/h “

  • Veneer press
    Veneer press

    „Ideal solution for veneering,
    sendwich production
    and thermoforming.“

Recently we installed our device for Forming of solid surface in the company INGEMA in Michalovce, Slovakia. This device it is a combination of heating oven and the membrane press. We have made some successful tests on material DuPont Corian in our workshop.

Dear customers and business partners we are pleased to invite you to our new premises. You can visit us at:

ADAMIK Company, s.r.o.
Mitrovická 804
739 61 Paskov
Czech Republic

Mo-Fr 7:30 - 15:30

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