• EBS System
    EBS System

    "The unique combination of central                              
    exhaustion system and briquetting press"

  • Combiformer

    "The best solution                       
                 for thermoforming!"

  • Dust Collectors
    Dust Collectors

    „Exhausters FT6xx serie with certificate EX
             for explosive dust.“

  • Ventilators

    "Complete range of ventilators
    from 1.000 to 11.000 m3/h“

  • Veneer press
    Veneer press

    „Ideal solution for veneering,
    sendwich production and

In July 2018 we were approached by company C. BECHSTEIN EUROPE s.r.o. from Hradec Králové, which is one of the world's largest manufacturers of pianos, with a demand for extraction system.

The client chose the EUROFILTER unit, which is equipped with, among other things, the shaker systém with the fire extinguisher.

The advantage of this unit is also the capturing of waste into containers that can be easily handled.

We also agreed with the production management on the connection of other equipment, which was insufficiently extracted by the existing extraction.

EUROFILTER has sufficient capacity to extract these additional devices as well.

Installation of the unit and the associated piping system took place in February 2019.

The EUROFILTER unit was placed on the floor and the pipeline led through the floor to the workplace located lower.

At the end of April 2019 we visited C.BECHSTEIN EUROPE again.

We were very pleased with the positive feedback from the production department staff.

The great benefit of this unit is also the fact that they have finally got rid of ubiquitous impurities in the workplace.

We appreciate that C.BECHTEIN EUROPE has put confidence in us and look forward to further cooperation.


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