"I am a student of Finance at the Technical University of Ostrava. Like other student I am also thinking how to find a good job at the labor market. For this reason I decided to get a new experience by completing internships as a part of the program “Stáže pro mladé 2”.

The offer of various temporary jobs or internships was really rich. Immediately after reading the advertisement for the position of a marketing specialist in company Adamik it was clear that this is a challenging job for me. Although marketing is a marginal area of my studies I wanted to accept the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and to try everything I have already learnt in practice.
During a job interview I met with a kind and friendly team. That's the reason why I was thrilled a couple of days later when I was selected for the position of a marketing specialist.
During the first few days I got to know product portfolio and the overall running of the company. At the beginning the computer programs, such as complete enterprise software Altus Vario or very interesting program for image editing – Gimp, were introduced to me.
Because I also want to be beneficial for the company and repay them their valuable guidance I offered them to create financial analysis of ADAMIK Company.
My internship is still at the beginning so we'll see how it will develop. Keep your fingers crossed!" :-)

Lucie K.

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