"As it happens, everything has its end. Also my traineeship in the company ADAMIK already is coming to end. With gratitude I can say that I have learned a lot...

My work activities and responsibilites have been various. During this traineeship I had the opportunity to find out how marketing works in a smaller company or what marketing tools can be used to achieve the best results. As I am studying finance, I was very pleased that I had possibility to get acquinted with the accounting system.
However, I think that the greatest benefit for me it was to get some knowledge about work ethic and also my identification with the company. This traneeship helped me to realize that the discipline I chose for study is really the one I am interested in, and which I want to do in my future professional life.
Hereby I would like to express my great thanks to all of Adamik team a to thank them for their patience and helpfulness :-). Thanks to you I got new opinion about a teamwork!"

Lucie K.


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