Dust collector FT 615 /3kW/

Dust collector FT 615 /3kW/
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Dust collector FT615 with ventilator VAN 400 of 3 kW is designed for capacity optimization by using the motor with low power for exhaustion of smaller CNC machines, beam saws, edgebanding machines or can be used as central exhaustion of workshop.

  • Construction of filter unit with stand-alone ventilator and deflector

  • Type without filter regeneration


Type - FT 615 /3kW/ 
Suction capacity (max) m3/h 3 950
Underpressure (max) Pa 2 600
Filter area m2 16
Number of Filters - 15
Outlet mm 250
Voltage V 400
Motor kW
Weight kg 160
Height mm 2 913
Width mm 800
Lenght mm 2 205
Are you interested in the product?
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