Membrane veneering press

pressIn order to meet market needs, we have developed a new range of membrane presses ADAMIK. Membrane presses ADAMIK not only make the work with veneer, laminates and other materials, easier and faster, but also can help you to gain a competitive advantage.

What do veneering membrane presses ADAMIK bring to you?

  • Veneering of flat and shaped workpieces (doors, casing frames, chairs, tables, furniture)
  • Coating the workpieces with HPL, CPL foils (Formica, CPL foil in 2D shape)
  • Pressing of flat and shaped workpieces (panels with honeycomb structures, formable plywood)
  • Pressing of structured surfaces (stone veneer, decorative mats)
  • Production with sandwich method (columns, half-circles, shapes)


Size 2 850 x 1 150 mm
Pump 16/25/40 m3/h
Heating > 60 °C
Size 3 350 x 1 450 mm
Pump 16/25/40 m3/h
Heating > 60 °C
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