Combiformer Plus XL

Combiformer Plus XL
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Solid surface & Veneering

ADAMIK Combiformer Plus XL is combination of two individual machines, the membrane press and the heating oven. This design gives a choice of placing the heating oven under the press (space saving) or placing the machines next to each other (giving more working comfort to the operator). The design of two machines helps also avoid heat transformation from the heating oven to the press which is the cooling area during thermoforming of solid surface.

The Plus version is equipped with top cover with heaters allowing beside working with solid surface also fast veneering and laminating process.

The heating oven has several unique features such as 3 zone operation for energy saving, inner and outer body construction lowering the outside surface temperature of the oven to maximum of 40 °C as well as the SDSC drawer system which synchronize the drive of the drawer when opening and closing.

Type - ADAMIK Combiformer Plus XL
Pressing area mm 3 850 x 1 450
Vacuum pump m3/h 40
Power kW 5.25
Working temperature  °C 0-60
Material of membrane - silicone


Parameters UnitValue
Type - ADAMIK Combiformer Plus XL
Heating zones - 1/3  2/3  3/3
Heating area mm 1 166 x 1 300  2 333 x 1 300 3 500 x 1 300
Power kW 4  8  12
Max temperature  °C 200  


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Ing. Petr Adamík

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