Thermoforming press

pressThe use of thermoplastic materials (such as Corian, Hi-Macs, Staron etc.) is more and more permeating into the current trends. That is why the company ADAMIK has developed presses designed for shaping of these materials. Hi-Macs, Staron atd.

What can the presses ADAMIK designed for thermoforming offer to you?

  • Shaping the solid surface (Corian, Staron, LG Hi Mac)
  • Bending and pressing (Plexiglass, acrylics, composite materials)
  • Veneering and cold forming
Size 2 850 x 1 150 mm
Pump 25/40 m3/h
Membrane 220 °C
Size 3 350 x 1 450 mm
Pump 25/40 m3/h
Membrane 220 °C
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